White Mountain Hearth “Slope Glaze” Burner

(VFSR18, VFSR24, VFSR30 )

The popular Slope Glaze Burners contain ceramic beads which tumble the gas to create exceptionally realistic flame movement. These burners are approved for use in any certified vent-free firebox. They can also be installed in an existing wood-burning fireplace, with the damper closed, to operate as a vent-free heating system.

The Slope Glaze Burner features concealed controls and includes a standing pilot for instant starts. This burner includes a millivolt valve and features ON/OFF operation and can be controlled manually or by remote control (sold separately).

You can customize your new burner setup by choosing the perfect log set. With many styles to choose from, we’re confident you can obtain the ideal look and feel for your home. (Log sets sold separately). You can see some of your log set choices in the picture gallery to the left.

Contact a sales representative at Keystone Propane to see if this burner is the perfect fit for you. Don’t forget to ask about our log sets!

  • VFSR18

    Log Length: 18″
    BTUs: 32,000
    Weight: 24lbs

    Front Width: 28″
    Rear Width: 17″
    Depth: 14″
    Height: 17″

  • VFSR24

    Log Length: 24″
    BTUs: 36,000
    Weight: 27lbs

    Front Width: 30″
    Rear Width: 23″
    Depth: 14″
    Height: 18″

  • VFSR30

    Log Length: 30″
    BTUs: 38,000
    Weight: 30lbs

    Front Width: 34″
    Rear Width: 26″
    Depth: 14″
    Height: 20″