Preparing Your Home for Propane Delivery

Here are a few steps you can take to help us get to your propane valve successfully, and most of all, safely…

Transitioning From Winter to Spring Propane Use

There’s no doubt that propane is a safe energy source for your home. However, using it responsibly should be kept at top of mind to safely heat and power your home. At Keystone Propane, we prioritize propane safety to keep you and your family safe. So as we near the end of the winter season and approach warmer spring weather, you’ll more than likely be using your propane in a few extra ways for activities such as grilling and patio heating on those cooler spring days. Here are a few propane safety tips to put into practice to keep your home safe for the upcoming season, both inside and out.


  • Properly Store Propane 

First, let’s talk about storage. You should never place propane cylinders inside or in any enclosed area. These include areas such as sheds, basements, and garages. Due to potential leaks, always store them upright and outdoors in a place that they won’t get knocked over. 

  • Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors Throughout Your Home

Always have carbon monoxide (CO) detectors installed on each level of your home when using propane. Be sure to have them in your bedrooms in particular. There are times when carbon monoxide leaks occur with no clear warning, such as a distinct smell. For example, propane gas leaks can smell like rotten eggs, which normally serves as a clear indicator of a leak happening. 

It’s also beneficial to install propane gas detectors in areas where propane is in use. These can be purchased from your local hardware store. 

  • Emergency Utility Shut-Off 

Educate everyone in your household on how to turn off the electricity, propane, and water supplies, in case of an emergency. Also make sure you work with your loved ones to create an emergency plan of action that is thorough, but easy enough to remember. This will come in handy for situations such as leaks, bad weather, and more. 

  • Plan Ahead

Since we’re not quite done with winter yet, having a back-up plan in place (that includes a back-up propane supply) helps greatly. Propane is used for powering generators,  cooking equipment, heaters, and a lot more. So make sure you plan ahead and have at least a week’s worth of propane stocked up, in case traveling to one of our locations for refills or extra isn’t an option due to weather conditions.


At Keystone Propane, we take pride in educating our customers on the benefits of propane, and using it safely. By providing exceptional service, including 24-hour emergency services, and top-quality products, we have remained an industry leader. For more information on safety, or our products & services, give us a call today!

2023 Winter Home Safety

During the heart of winter, navigating daily life becomes challenging. Simple things such as getting off the driveway to go to work, or the way we plan our days becomes chaotic. Even heating our homes can seem like a lot of extra work during these times. 


Keystone Propane wants to help simplify some of these things, so we put together this list of tips to help keep day-to-day tasks on track. Here’s how to keep an eye on propane levels for heating your home and more:


  • Be mindful of your propane levels. You’re probably running your heater more than normal or cooking a lot more often during these cozy days. Try your best to check your tanks regularly. This reduces the risk of running low on fuel and lessens the number of emergency propane deliveries you may require throughout the season. 
  • Try to spend a little time throughout the day keeping your driveway clear of snow during inclement weather. This makes it easier to get in and out for work or emergencies. 
  • If there is any part of your property where snow is heavy, make sure you sprinkle salt and/or cinders. Do this for driveways, sidewalks, stairs/steps, landings, and anywhere else you feel someone may walk. This will keep your neighbors, family, and delivery people safe.


Keeping these helpful tips in mind will make it easier to get extra propane delivered if needed, as well as ensure the safety of you, your family, and your neighbors. If you have any questions about winter propane deliveries or keeping your home warm and safe this season, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.