Propane Safety: Best Practices

Propane Safety: Best Practices

Using propane gas is one of the safest ways to heat your home, power your vehicles, and cook your food. It is a clean-burning fuel that provides many Americans with a cost-efficient source of energy that can be adapted to a wide variety of needs.

There are many ways you and your family can ensure that you’re following the best practices in regards to propane storage and usage around your home so that you can safely enjoy all of the benefits propane has to offer:

Know Your Service Lines

It is very important that you are at least somewhat familiar with the location of your home’s service lines, especially if you have plans for landscaping or renovation in the near future. Accidentally digging up a propane service line can be a costly mistake.

Furnace Service

One of the best ways to care for your home heating while promoting safe propane usage is to make sure you have your furnace serviced regularly by a qualified technician. Simply check with your propane provider and schedule a service call to ensure your unit is clean and working properly.

Address Damage Immediately

If you suspect that any of your propane appliances have been damaged by recent flooding, have them inspected immediately to avoid potential issues.

Grilling Safety

Always follow the guidelines set forth in your grill’s owner’s manual when cooking and even when your grill isn’t in use. It’s also important to make sure that you keep your grill’s surface clean and corrosion-free.

Be Aware

Be alert if there is a suspicious smell of propane in the air. An unpleasant odor could be a sign of potential danger.

Proper Usage

Never use propane heating units that aren’t intended for indoor usage. This includes range burners and grills.

Following these best practices will help you and your family maintain safety standards that will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of using propane, one of the safest choices for your home heating. If you have any questions about propane safety, feel free to reach out to our qualified experts today.