6 Tailgating Safety Tips

With football starting up, baseball playoffs on the way, and with hockey and basketball gearing to start up, that means one thing. It’s time to tailgate! We all know about the essentials you need for a great tailgate. Yet, with more and more venues banning charcoal grills, portable propane grills are becoming more necessary now than ever. With great power comes great responsibility. Here are 6 Tailgating Safety Tips you need for a fun and safe tailgate.

6 Tailgating Safety Tips

Before Heading Out

While heading out to see your team is exciting, don’t let your anticipation get in the way of preparing for the tailgate. This means if you’re grilling, make sure your propane tank is full beforehand. Also, make sure it’s safely secured. If your grill is wobbly – it’s not safe for travel. Don’t forget to pack plenty of food, drinks, and seating for everyone. One essential most people don’t consider is a first aid kit, especially if drinking!

On Your Way

You’ll want to take extra precautions when transporting propane. Start by disconnecting the tank then place it in an upright and secure position to prevent any damage or leaks. Avoid placing it in the trunk. We recommend you put it on the floor of the back seat and crack open a window in case there is a leak.

Setting Up the Grill

When it comes to unpacking your propane grill, you’ll want to take extra care as you did when packing your tank. Portable grills such as the Big Green Egg grills are very easy to set up. Make sure you set up your grill station as far away as possible from cars and other potentially flammable areas.

Also, be sure to open the grill before lighting it. During a leak, propane builds up under the grill’s hood and could cause a combustible situation if not released. Much like filling up at the gas tank, be sure not to smoke near the grill to avoid any unintended combustion.

Before Going Into the Stadium

One of the most important tailgating safety tips is to keep the environment clean! Clean up any garbage such as plates, cups, napkins and other garbage that could catch fire. Something that can also help is to allow for the grill to cool down before heading into the stadium, and before leaving the tailgate. You can do this quicker by leaving the grill’s hood in the upright position.

Tailgating Safety Tips During an Emergency

Now, in case of an emergency, you can feel free to dial 911 or consult your stadium’s security services. Their mission is to bring you a fun, festive, and safe game day experience. It’s their job to make sure that you have a great time.

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