Spring Propane Safety Tips

Spring Propane Safety Tips

Spring is here, and more outdoor activities arrive with it. With warmer weather, propane is used more often. It fuels grilling parties, camping trips, and road trips. With these activities, you want to ensure that you’re using propane safely. Here are some simple Spring propane safety tips that demonstrate how you use propane cautiously during the season.

1. Never store propane tanks indoors. Indoor propane appliances can be fine, but it’s unsafe to have the tanks indoors. When storing the tanks keep them outside and in a vertical position.

2. Know how to shut off the gas supply from your tank or cylinder. Ensure that everyone in the household knows how to do it as well.

3. If you’re using propane to grill, turn off the burner control and the release valve when you finish cooking.

4. Ensure that everyone in your household knows the smell of propane, so that they could recognize it in the event of a leak.

5. If you smell a strange gas-like odor, treat it seriously. Check if the release valve is closed tight. If you cannot detect the exact source of the smell, evacuate the home and find professional assistance to help you fix the problem.

6. If an odor persists and you need to evacuate, do not operate electronic switches or appliances. Try to leave as many windows open as you can. Don’t light any matches.

7. When transporting a tank for a refill, keep it in an upright position in your car and away from direct sunlight. Before you place the tank in your car, ensure that the valve is closed tight. Secure the tank with a rope to prevent it from moving freely inside the vehicle. Keep the windows open as an extra safety measure.

8. When transporting a tank, remember to never leave the tank in the car unattended because the temperature can quickly rise.

9. Acquire a gas detector to detect carbon monoxide and propane leaks. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is a result of incomplete combustion of some other fuel or gas.

10. Keep flammable items (e.g. paper, clothing, etc.) away from your propane appliances at all times. This is very simple, but a surprising number of fires occur by neglecting this easy safety measure.

Follow these tips to stay prepared and safe during the spring and summer seasons. Remember that propane usage is not dangerous if you follow simple guidelines to ensure your safety.