Empire Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

Empire Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces|Small Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces|DV25VentCapOptional|DV_Thermostat|DV-25clip (1)|DV-215clip2

Small Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

  • DV-210 (10,000 Btu) and DV-215 (15,000 Btu)
  • Slim, compact cabinet mounts on an outside wall.
  • Quiet operation
  • Matchless piezo ignition (heats without electricity)
  • Optional automatic blower
  • Ideal for bedrooms or studies
  • Made in USA
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Empire Counterflow Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

Empire Counterflow Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces|Inshot Burner|Empire Counterflow Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

Mounts along Outside Wall – draws outside air for combustion and vents to outdoors

  • DVC-35 (35,000 Btu) recesses between standard Wall Studs
  • DV-55 (50,000 Btu) and DVC-35 mount to wall
  • Includes 24-Volt Wall Thermostat
  • Choose Standing Pilot or Electronic Intermittent Pilot (saves even more energy)
  • Front Panels Remove for Cleaning and Servicing
  • Counterflow Blower Circulates Warm Air at Floor Level
  • Multi-Room Heating Capacity with Optional Outlet Kits
  • Up to 76% A.F.U.E. efficient
  • Made in USA


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