automatic propane delivery

5 Benefits of Automatic Propane Delivery

If you’re calling in every time you need a propane delivery, you’re missing out on the convenience and ease of Keystone Propane’s automatic delivery program! Here are a few reasons to consider signing up for automatic propane delivery today.

Automatic Propane Delivery Benefits


Once you’re signed up for automatic delivery, your days of waiting are over. Although we always offer exceptionally prompt service, automatic delivery allows you to trust our professional staff to ensure you always have gas when you need it. No phone call needed.

No Gauge Checking

Keystone Propane monitors your tank gauge so you don’t have to! No more trudging through the snow to check your tank, and no more wondering whether or not it’s time for a refill.

No More Scheduling

Now that you no longer need to worry about keeping track of refills, there’s no need to call for your order. Simplify your life with one less chore!

Never Run Out

Running out of gas is one of the worst things that can happen during the winter. A huge advantage of signing up for automatic delivery is that you’ll never run out of gas because you didn’t order in time.

In addition to convenient automatic delivery, Keystone Propane offers a wide variety of services that make us the leader in the propane industry, including:

  • 24 hr emergency service
  • maintenance of our tanks and equipment
  • service to your LP gas appliances
  • Guaranteed personalized and professional service

With a full fleet of propane delivery and service vehicles and our dedication to customer service, it’s clear to see why you can trust Keystone Propane to handle your automatic propane delivery. And we’re not just delivering propane … we’re delivering peace of mind.