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Propane Delivery Winter Safety Tips

Winter weather can be absolutely ruthless, and it can make our deliveries a bit more difficult. However, our drivers will deliver your propane regardless of the weather conditions. We work hard to ensure that you get your propane year-round.

That said, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you get your deliveries on schedule.

Plow the Driveways

If the driveway isn’t plowed, we cannot finish the delivery. Keeping your driveway snow-free isn’t merely necessary for our drivers, it can also help keep your family safe. If the tank is located underground, ensure that the pathway to the tank is clear. Doing so will ensure that our drivers won’t slip as they deliver your propane.

Mark Your Propane Tanks

Heavy snow can bury your tank and make it difficult to find. By marking your tank with a colored flag, you make it easy for our drivers to find the tank. Make sure the flag is hoisted above the tank; the flag should ideally be easy to see.

Store Extra Propane

Our drivers work hard during the winter to deliver your propane. However, it’s always wise to store extra propane in case the delivery is delayed. Our drivers know how to work around snowstorms, but there can potentially be delays. It’s never a good time to run out of propane (especially during a snowstorm), so we recommend that you stock up on propane in advance.

Carefully Store Your Propane

Don’t make the mistake of storing your propane in enclosed spaces like a garage, basement, shed, etc. Doing so can mean danger if there is a leak.

Have an Emergency Plan

Rough weather can have a major impact on your home. In the event of an emergency, you want to have a plan. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your plan:

  • Know what propane smells like. Knowing when propane is leaking can help to prevent emergencies.
  • Know how to evacuate. Make sure your household know where and how to exit the home during an emergency.
  • Know how and where to shut off the propane supply. There may be times when you need to quickly and safely shut off the propane supply.


During inclement weather, it’s important you take the proper measures to ensure you have an adequate amount of propane and that you and your family stay safe. Follow the tips listed in this blog post to safely supply your home with propane during the winter season, or contact us today to schedule your propane delivery.