Benefits of Propane Gas Logs Over Traditional Firewood For Indoor Fireplaces

Benefits of Propane Gas Logs For Your Home

Nights and mornings are becoming much cooler and a nice sit by the fireplace is what many look forward to this time of year. If you’re avoiding lighting the fireplace due to the cleanup, we have a solution and the benefits for you! Using propane gas is not only safer, but it’s also better for the environment. Continue reading for more benefits of propane gas fireplaces.


Propane Fireplaces Are Better For The Environment

Since there is less fuel needed to ignite, this means there is less of an environmental impact. Propane also burns much cleaner than wood. This allows for fewer carbon emissions with a propane fireplace insert. Ultimately, you’re saving the environment and your family in one simple switch!


A Safer Option

As you may know, open fires often have risks and dangers. Wood can collapse, embers can fly through your home causing a bigger fire in an unwelcomed area, and blown-back smoke. Creosote buildup in poorly kept chimneys can also cause larger fires. All of these problems can be eliminated with a propane gas log.


More Cost-Efficient

A propane fireplace insert is roughly 30% more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces. This means by switching to propane you’ll spend nearly 30% less to experience the same time by the fire. Propane gas logs can be used in your current fireplace, so no additional construction is even needed!


Extremely Convenient

Start enjoying the warmth of your fireplace without ever needing to gather wood or clean up ashes again! Easily turn on a switch and you can start enjoying your fire.


If we have convinced you of all the pros of propane fireplaces contact us today so we can get your fireplace switched to propane heat! We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Happy Fall and stay warm from Keystone Propane!