Which Space Heater is Right for Me?

Which Space Heater Is Right For Me?

Transform any space in your home into a warm and cozy oasis for all to enjoy! Whether it’s your garage, basement, closed-in porch, or even your living room, a space heater helps enhance the comfortable feeling you’ve been searching for.

Vent-Free Space Heaters

Vent-free propane space heaters do not need venting or ductwork to run and operate. They are the more cost-efficient of the space heaters and allow for greater flexibility with the installation since they do not need access to an external wall or outdoor venting.

While this is a great bonus of the vent-free space heaters, the downside is the combustion fumes are then vented inside your home or space. While this sounds intense, it is safe, but may affect individuals who are sensitive to smell or have certain allergies.

There are two types of vent-free propane gas heaters: infrared and blue flame. Both models are very efficient (usually 99 percent or more) and use about the same amount of gas to produce the same amount of overall heat.

  • Infrared vent-free space heaters use propane gas to heat up ceramic panels which in turn radiate the heat. These panels radiate heat to the room rather than heating the air. This makes the heat very targeted, so if standing in front of the radiated heat waves you’ll get warm very quickly.
  • Blue flame space heaters warm the air in the room by convection. The blue flame heater can take longer to heat an entire room as it’s heating the air rather than reflecting heat directly, but it will produce a more consistent temperature throughout the room. If your space is insulated, a blue flame heater is probably what you should go with!

Direct Vent Space Heaters

Direct vent propane space heaters are ductless systems that provide an economical and modest alternative to installing a traditional furnace or boiler. These heaters use outdoor air to heat an area or room. Any fumes from combustion are then vented to the outside by way of a small tube.

Some pros to direct vent space heaters include:

  • Its easy installation includes a simple one-hole venting system and no ductwork. Most installation services can be done in one day.
  • They are easy to operate. Direct vent heaters have programmable thermostats that allow you to adjust actions based on usage.
  • Precision heating offers the ability to vary heat intensity and fan speed and can make temperature changes as little as 1°F
  • The duct-free operation makes these heaters less expensive to install and conserve than a traditional furnace or boiler.

Both options are great to heat your home or cool area. Currently, Keystone Propane is offering 29% off all Empire vent-free space heaters in stock! Hurry up and take advantage before this offer ends on February 29, 2020!

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