how to winterize your propane grill

How to Winterize Your Propane Grill

In this world, there are two types of people. Those who grill all-year-round … and those who don’t. This post is for all you hibernators who’d rather cook inside than shiver in your boots while flipping your steaks. Find out how to winterize your propane grill the right way by following some of Keystone Propane’s helpful tips.

A Clean Grill is a Happy Grill

Do NOT put a dirty grill into storage. Ever. You may be thinking to yourself, “Ehhh … I’ll just scrape it off in the spring,” but trust us. Chiseling away at hardened grease and food debris is not the way you want to start off next year’s grilling season. Plus, these nasty little bits can attract critters like mice or rats. So do yourself a favor clean your grill now. Just turn it on and burn off the icky leftovers, then follow up with a quick wash of warm water and soap.

Rust Repellant

Easily avoid rust by spritzing a little bit of cooking spray on your grill’s exposed metal. This extra layer of protection will help to prevent rust by creating a barrier between moisture and steel. Best of all, the cooking spray will burn off quickly during your first use.

Wrap Up Your Burner

Cooking spray is great for your entire grill, but your burner does need special attention. Be sure to remove the burner and carefully wrap it in a plastic bag. This will prevent spiders or other creepy crawlies from nesting inside the various parts of the burner which often is the cause of uneven burning after you remove your grill from storage.

Storing Unused Propane

One of the biggest benefits of cooking with propane is that this particular type of grilling fuel doesn’t require special winterization. You don’t need to use any stabilizers when storing propane, which has become one the most popular choices fuel choices thanks to its indefinite shelf life.

All that’s left is to store your grill in a safe, out-of-the-way location and you’re all set. So here’s to the end of a great grilling season with many more to come!