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Heat Up Your Spring With a Propane Fire Pit

Warmer weather brings with it thoughts of summer barbecues, backyard parties, and relaxing days in the sunshine. With the world starting to slowly go back to normal, chances are you are planning to spend more time outdoors with friends and family in the next few months.

You want to bring some real heat to your outdoor living space? It’s easy; all you have to do is add a propane gas fire pit.

The Need to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Since Covid-19 hit, many Americans are rethinking their home space. More specifically, their outdoor space. According to Forbes, outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity for the past few years. And with the pandemic’s stay in place orders, more homeowners have become increasingly aware of their outdoor space.

Now, more than ever the need for patios, gazebos, and decks is on the rise. And so is the need for amenities to stock those areas, like outdoor kitchens, inground swimming pools, and yes, outdoor fire features such as fireplaces and fire pits.

Keep in mind, before getting any type of outdoor fire pit or fireplace, check with your municipality’s open burning regulations to make sure if it’s legal to have one.

Wood vs. Propane Fire Pits: Who Wins?

When you think of a fire pit, you may think of a wood-burning fire roaring in a metal or stone ring. It’s a great gathering spot to drink a few cold ones with your friends or roast marshmallows with the family!

But, much like wood-burning fireplaces, wood fire pits do have some drawbacks:

  • Lighting problems: Wood fire pits can be difficult or take too long to light, especially on a windy spring night. However, a propane gas fire pit takes only a push of a button to light up the night!
  • Keeping the fire alive: Not only can it be hard to light but it can be hard to stay light. With wood fire pits, you need to continuously feed the flames with wood to keep the fire going. But, as long as you have gas, you have a fire in your propane gas fire pit!
  • Smoky situation: We get it, wood fire pits do smell nice. But with fire comes smoke and that smoke will get in your eyes every time. You’ll end the night with red eyes and smelly clothing! But with the propane fire pit, there’s no smoke to worry about!
  • Safety first: It’s true — gas fire pits are usually much safer than a wood-burning fire pit. Unlike a wood fire, which emits smarks that can easily catch anything outside the pit on fire, gas fire pits don’t emit sparks so no danger is present! And with a click of a button, the fire can die away in case any kids try to stick their hands in the flames.

Convinced? Keystone Propane Has the Fire Pit for You!

If your thinking of adding an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to your home this spring or summer, then check out what Keystone Propane has to offer. Contact us today or visit our showroom to find the right outdoor fire pit for you. And get out and enjoy the great outdoors!