best uses for propane

Best Uses for Propane in the Summer

Propane can do far more than simply keep you warm during the winter months. Propane can be used to fuel your summer fun. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss a few ways you can use propane to help with the summer’s festivities.


There’s nothing quite like a summer barbeque. A gathering of friends and family can be great, and the food can be delicious, making for a perfect summer activity. We recommend using a propane grill for a few reasons:

  • Ease of use: Charcoal grills can take a bit of practice to use properly. A propane grill ignites with the turn of the knob, which makes it very easy to use.
  • Temperature control: Charcoal grills tend to be very unpredictable, while propane grills will distribute constant and even heat throughout the grill.
  • Cleanliness: Propane grills are very easy to clean and maintain, while charcoal grills can be extremely messy.

Pool Heating

The summer months are hot, but that doesn’t mean that your pool can’t get a bit chilly at night. Use propane as a power source for your pool heater. This is a terrific way to save money on electricity, and it can ensure that your pool is comfortable throughout the summer months.

Patio Lighting

There’s something charming about lounging on the patio during summer nights and using a propane-powered fire torch can help add to the charm. Outdoor fire torches are safe, aesthetically pleasing, and help to create a certain ambiance. Visitors will be impressed, and if you have festivities at your home, you can continue the party outside.

Fire Pit

Backyard fire pits are more popular than ever, and there’s a good reason why. You no longer need chopped wood to start a fire. You can simply flick a switch and enjoy the ambiance. A fire pit can be the centerpiece for outdoor gatherings, cookouts, and campfires. Want to toast some marshmallows and trade spooky stories over a campfire? Propane makes it incredibly easy to fuel your backyard fire pit.

Backup Power

If the power goes out during the summer months, it’s good to know that you have backup power. Propane can be an excellent source of power for your generator. In some regions, summer storms can be rough, and having a backup generator is an absolute must. Propane has some benefits over the traditional gasoline-powered generators:

  • Propane fuel is often available even when gas pumps aren’t running. This is because it’s stored in individual gas cylinders. You can store multiple cylinders in your home for preparation.
  • Propane has a limitless shelf life. Over an extended period of time, gasoline can start to degrade.

Propane is extremely versatile, and it can help you make the most of the summer season. Contact us today for some more ideas on how you use propane during the summer months!