6 Winter to Spring Propane Safety Tips

Even though propane is one of the safest sources of energy for your home, it does take some care to use it responsibly. At Keystone Propane, our propane safety standards are a priority to us so we can keep your family safe.

As winter melts away and spring comes into bloom, you will be using propane in more ways including outdoor grilling. Here are six propane safety tips for keeping your home safe for your family this season.

Locate the Turn Off Valve Before Cooking

In the case of an emergency, prepare yourself ahead of time by locating the turn off valve for both your propane supply and each appliance that uses it. If you need help or are unsure, feel free to contact us.

Propane Leaks Smell Like Rotten Eggs

If you’re not sure that a propane leak is happening, leaking propane will have a smell similar to rotten eggs. Let your family know this and develop a propane safety plan of action in case of a leak.

Always Store Propane Containers Outside

NEVER place propane cylinders in an enclosed area such as a basement, shed, or garage in case of a leak. Always store your propane cylinders outdoors in the upright position so that they won’t get knocked over.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors on Every Floor of Your Home

When using propane, you should install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors on every floor of your home, especially in the bedrooms. Sometimes, carbon monoxide leaks may come with little to no smell. We also highly recommend installing propane gas detectors in areas propane is in use. These are easy to find at your local hardware store. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing detectors.

Learn How to Shut off Utilities in Case of Emergency

Make sure everyone in your family knows how to turn off electricity, propane, and water supplies in your house in case an emergency strikes. Be sure to develop an emergency plan of action everyone can easily remember.

Plan Ahead, Always Have a Backup Propane Supply

In case of severe weather, having a backup propane supply can really assist you. Propane powers cooking equipment, generators, and much more. Be sure to plan ahead and have at least one week’s worth of propane stocked in case traveling is not an option.

At Keystone Propane, we take pride in our reputation. By providing exceptional service, selling only top-quality products, and maintaining the best prices, we have remained an industry leader. For more information on our products & services, give Keystone Propane a call today!