Choose Your LP-Gas Provider Wisely

Choose Your LP Gas Provider Wisely

Caveat Emptor … as you may have learned in your Economics class in high school, this simple Latin phrase means, “Let the buyer beware.” This philosophy should apply to every purchase you make, whether it’s a personal item or a consumable such as LP-Gas. When you first begin researching an LP-Gas provider, make sure that you do your homework. There are a wide variety of LP-Gas providers in most regions of the U.S. and their care, pricing, and attention to detail are just as varied as their names.

Contact every provider in your area. Listen carefully to the information that they provide about their services and how their processes unfold. Beware of those that only discuss their prices and how easy it is to become a customer. They’re only interested in one thing, and that’s your money. If the companies you talk with don’t mention appliance inspection and system integrity testing, you should shy away from them. Your safety should be first and foremost to any company that you decide to purchase LP-Gas from.

Next, for the LP-Gas providers that you have on your shortlist, you should attempt to contact them after business hours to see exactly how difficult it would be for you to reach someone in case of an emergency. This is a critical part of any LP-Gas business … timely response to out of the ordinary conditions. If it is difficult to get a hold of them, would you want them to respond to an emergency at your home?

One last item I would recommend is to talk to people you know who have LP-Gas. Ask them questions about their service and experience with the company that they are currently doing business with; even ask them how much gas a year they use and approximately what price they are paying. Then compare this information to the prices you were quoted when talking to those companies. A large disparity will tell you, the consumer, where your pricing will be in a couple of years.

We at Keystone Propane do our best every year to keep our customers competitively priced within their market segment. By doing this we establish a long term relationship with our customers and a trust that we will always attempt to look out for their interests. As an LP-Gas provider in NE Pennsylvania, we may never be the cheapest, but we will always be competitive. When it comes to service we go to great lengths to ensure that your system meets all Federal, State, and Local codes. Our technicians take their time and explain the safety procedures you should observe in the event of an emergency.

Whether you buy from Keystone Propane or another company, our hope is that you will buy from someone who has you and your family’s safety as their first priority, always.

Thank you,
Keystone Propane