fall checklist for winterizing your home

Fall Checklist for Winterizing Your Home

Fall is officially here, and it’s time to think about ways you and your family can conserve energy. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can to protect your home from inclement weather while also lowering your utility bills.

Time for a Tune-Up

When’s the last time you’ve had a professional give your heating unit a once over to make sure everything’s in working order? You can save yourself a lot of time and aggravation if you schedule a quick maintenance call with a qualified professional. A quick tune-up can often cost less than $100 and help prevent any serious problems from occurring during the coldest time of the year.

Put It in Reverse

Most people understand that heat rises, but did you know you can redirect this heat into the heart of the room by putting your fans in reverse? It’s true. Most fans today have a switch that will reverse the direction of your fans, forcing the warm air down and possibly allowing you to turn your thermostat down a degree or two.

Replace Missing Shingles

Time to pull out those trusty binoculars and scan your roof for loose, broken, or missing shingles. You should make it a point to repair any issues now before the melting snow from winter storms cause leakage that will eventually damage your interior.

Gutter Clean Up

Don’t let dead leaves clog up your gutters. Now is the time to clean them up so they don’t back up water which can cause additional leaks or even damage your roof.

Empty Outdoor Faucets

Make sure you disconnect hoses from your outdoor faucets drain any water that may be left behind. This will prevent your pipes from bursting when cold weather causes the water to freeze and expands. If you happen to live in a newer home, you should also turn off the exterior faucet shut-off valve inside your house.

Stock Up on Home Essentials

Don’t wait until the first storm to find out that you’re out of home emergency supplies. Take a quick inventory and pick up anything you need now, including salt or ice melt. You may also be considering filling up your propane tank early in the season before the first cold weather snap hits.