Switching Propane Companies (Part 2)

Okay, so you’re ready to leave your current propane company or choose a provider for the first time. How do you know if they’re any good? In “Switching Propane Companies (Part 1)”, we discussed what to expect when leaving your current provider, the types of questions to ask your prospective new company, and finding out what services the new company provides. That’s all well and good, but all businesses want to make money…and all companies want your business. So, how do you know if you’re choosing the right one for you?

Do Your Research

Switching propane companies doesn’t need to be an ordeal. First and foremost, find out what others are saying about the company you’re considering choosing. The best ways to find out if a company is reputable and does right by its customers is through personal experience and the experience of others.

Personal Experience:

Since you’re choosing a new company, you obviously have no personal experience with them. You do, however, have experience with your old company. Take note of all the things you like and dislike about them. Make sure when choosing your new provider, you pick the right one for your particular needs.

Others’ Experience:
  • Friends and Loved Ones
    Speak with people whose opinions you trust. See if any of them are current customers of the company you’re investigating and find out how their experiences have been. Surely, they’ll be honest and give you the straight dope.
  • Google Reviews/Social Media
    Every company has a Google listing and a social media presence. Read the reviews and comments from as many people as you need in order to get a genuine sense of how the company does business and treats its customers. There’s a feeling of certainty that comes with hundreds of people giving a thumbs up. Conversely, people just love leaving negative comments/reviews. You’ll know pretty quickly if the company deserves a different finger.

Be Informed

Here’s the problem. In general, people don’t know a heck of a lot about propane. Understandably, it’s the kind of thing most people don’t really think about. Look at it this way: your car breaks down and you have to take it to a mechanic. Does thinking about this trigger a mild panic attack? If so, it’s probably because you don’t know much about cars and you’re afraid you’re going to get taken for a ride. Maybe, it’s because you DO know a lot about cars and you know it’s going to be an expensive repair. The difference, though, is that if you know about cars, you know what you’re paying for. There’s no mystery and you’re not relying on someone else to look out for your best interests. Knowledge is, indeed, power.

If you are interested in learning a little something about propane, some of our other blogs are a great place to start. “What is Propane” is a quick introduction into ***wait for it*** what propane is. Imagine that! You can also read our four-part series called, “Why Propane”. This covers fuel cost, ease of use, efficiency, and versatility.

What We Believe

Keystone Propane believes in educating our customers. Not to the point of getting our customers ready to come and work here. Although…if you’re interested…let’s talk. Education is important because not knowing the basics about the product you are using can be a problem. Not so much if we’re talking about a beanbag chair, but when it comes to propane and propane equipment, oh yes, it’s crucial. Our safety and the safety of our customers is incredibly important to us.

As a company, Keystone Propane supplies people with the knowledge they need to make informed and safe decisions. We take the time to listen to our customers’ needs. Likewise, we ask the right questions of our customers to help determine the proper course of action to fulfill those needs. Every customer is different and has distinct objectives. Whether it involves whole-home heating or a tank for your grill, we’re here to provide the services you require. Selling you a fireplace and installing it in your home is great, but it’s not enough. You need to know how to use it properly and safely. You need to know how to do routine maintenance. That’s what we do. We teach, we communicate, we build relationships.

Why Keystone Propane?

Let’s get to it. Why become our customer? Having read these 2 blogs, simply apply what you have learned. Speak with others about us, read our reviews, ask us questions. Do the same with our competitors. If you do, we’re confident you won’t need the “hard-sell”. You’ll come to Keystone because we’re the right partner for you.