Switching Propane Companies (Part 1)

When is the best time to switch propane companies? Right now! There’s no better time to let Keystone Propane show you why we are Your Trusted Partner.

The Time is Now!

Why is spring/summer the right time to switch? Admittedly, one main reason is that it makes our job easier. Not having to deal with the snow, cold, and frozen ground certainly makes things less challenging for us. Particularly if we need to install an underground tank! Also, as you can imagine, winter is our busiest time of year. Scheduling is just simpler now as opposed to the dead of winter.

As the temperature climbs, you don’t rely on your propane heat as much. Duh. This is actually an important point, though. Because, depending on the type of work being performed, there may be a service interruption for a time. It makes sense to go without when you’re not relying on it. With this in mind, getting you on our schedule as soon as possible will ensure you are ready to go before Old Man Winter comes a knockin’.

So, You’re Going to Switch

Whatever your reasons, you’ve decided to find a new propane supplier. You should know the answers to the following questions before you jump ship:

  • Will your current company apply any termination fees or service charges when you leave?
  • Do they own your tank? If so, they will need to remove their property so that your new provider can install its tanks.
  • Do you own your tank? If so, do you have proof of ownership? Any new supplier will need this before providing service.
  • What fees does your new company charge?
  • What is your annual propane usage? This is good to know because prices are often based on consumption. If you burn more propane, your price per-gallon will oftentimes be lower. In order to accurately compare rates between companies, your usage is a necessary benchmark. When speaking with a prospective new provider, ask detailed questions to determine what your price will be, given your unique needs.

Price is Nice, but There’s More

The best price isn’t necessarily an indication of the best company. Propane delivery and propane prices are only pieces of the bigger puzzle. Ask questions designed to find out what other types of service the retailer offers. Does the new company:

To answer your next question. Yes. Keystone offers all of the above. You didn’t think we’d give you a reason to NOT become a customer, did you?

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge on what to expect when changing providers, please read “Switching Propane Companies (Part 2)”. It is filled with helpful information on how to best choose your new propane partner.