Why Propane? Ease of Use

As we discussed in an earlier article, fuel cost is a determining factor in choosing your fuel source. In this installment, let’s discuss another factor…Ease of Use.

Electric and Natural Gas

Starting with electric and natural gas heat for consumers. Set your thermostat, you get heat. Pretty easy, the end.

Wood Burning Stoves and Fireplaces

Next. How about wood burning stoves and fireplaces? Well, in terms of your heating choices, this isn’t exactly the easiest to use. Whether you’re cutting your own, or buying wood or wood pellets, you always have to make sure you have a supply. Then, after cutting or buying your supply, you need space to store it. Clear out an area inside or keep it outside and venture into the cold to grab some when you need it? I don’t know about you, but I like my toes warm, thank you. Wood burning stoves and fireplaces also require attention. No fire means no heat. Sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up under your nice, warm blankets and getting a good night’s sleep. That is, until you wake up with icicles on your toes because you forgot to check the stove before the Sandman came to visit. Like I said before, warm toes. It’s all about warm toes. Finally, there’s the soot and ash…and smoke…and splinters…and soot…and ash. Did I mention the soot and ash?

Heating Oil, Propane & Tank Monitors

Next up, fuel oil and propane. Unlike natural gas and electricity, which enter directly into your home, propane and oil both require tanks to store your fuel. This means, of course, deliveries. To some, this may seem like an inconvenience, but it doesn’t have to be. The days of trudging out into the snow in order to see how much fuel is left, then calling to schedule a delivery are things of the past. Both oil and propane companies have the ability to install a tank monitor that will read your fuel level remotely. At Keystone Propane, we offer free tank monitoring. By installing a tank monitor, we will know your tank percentage day or night. In fact, so can you. Just download our free app and create an account. From the app, you can view your tank percentage and do so much more. For more information about the app, click here. Along with tank monitoring, you can set up your account for automatic deliveries. By doing this, you’ll never be in danger of running out of propane. When your tank is getting low, we’ll add you to a delivery route. No need to check your tank or call for a fill. We’ll handle it all for you!

Coming soon in our Why Propane series is “Efficiency”. Please, one at a time. There’s no need to shove, plenty of seats available. See you soon. If you’d like to binge read the “Why Propane” series, please also take a look at “Fuel Cost” and “Versatility“.