Why Propane? Versatility

When most people think about propane, the idea of a small tank and a backyard barbecue come to mind. If you’d rather read about that, you can find information here. Go ahead, you can click it and not feel guilty. After all, I wrote that page, too. While yes, propane can make for a clean, easy, hassle-free grilling experience, it can do much more.

Home Heat

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, propane is the primary home heating fuel in only about 5% of U.S. homes. It tends to be more common in the Northeast and Midwest where the usage can be as high as 20%. However, these numbers are expected to rise as individuals and industries increasingly look toward low-emission, sustainable fuels.

Propane Powered Vehicles

In fact, many municipalities and school districts have made the switch from diesel to propane-powered vehicles because of propane’s lower emission levels. In direct comparisons, propane engines emit 12% less CO2, 20% less NO, and 30% less CO than gasoline engines. In diesel engines, the difference is even more substantial. Propane produces 80% fewer hydrocarbon emissions overall compared to diesel.

Propane? Really? I Had No Idea.

Many industries use propane to fuel their needs. Agriculture is one of the biggest users of propane. It’s used as a heat source for greenhouses and livestock and it powers pumps and farm equipment. Many farms even use propane as an alternative to herbicides. Propane flame weeding is growing in popularity because it is environmentally friendly and safer to use than most chemicals. Manufacturing and warehousing use propane for heat and many on-demand applications like soldering and metal melting. You may not be aware, but the vast majority of forklifts operate on propane. More information can be found here. In fact, the transportation industry, in general, is increasingly using propane to power its fleets. Propane is now the 3rd most common transportation fuel behind only gasoline and diesel.

Residential Uses

All of these industrial applications are well and good, but what can propane do for you? Pretty much everything. Because of its versatility, propane is ideal for residential use, as well. As we already mentioned, using propane for heat is a great choice for many people. You can also run your range, water heater, space heater, pool heater, dryer, fireplace, generator, grill, outdoor lighting, backyard firepit, and more. Versatility is the name of the game and propane plays to win. Please open the top menu to find our various products pages and see if we have something that’s a good fit for you. Remember, any appliance or product we sell, we also service. So, if you run into issues down the line, we’ll be here to fix it right.

“Why Propane” Series Wrap-Up

Hopefully, over the course of our Why Propane discussion series, we answered some of your propane questions. Please don’t worry about this being the final installment. You’ll be okay. No need to despair. Hop around our site and see if there’s anything else that tickles your fancy. If you’d like more information about propane, its uses, or equipment, please feel free to contact us here. If you haven’t read the complete “Why Propane” series, please also take a look at “Fuel Cost” and “Ease of Use” and “Efficiency“.