Free Tank Monitoring

At Keystone Propane, we strive to make our customers’ experience as worry-free as possible. One way we do this is by our app and online customer portal. This allows our customers to view their account information, pay their bill, schedule deliveries, schedule service, and much more. For more information, please click here.

How Does It Work?

Another way of making our customers’ lives easier is free tank monitoring. So, what is it? It’s exactly as it sounds. A small, cell-enabled monitor is installed on your tank. If you have an underground tank, it will be installed under the dome or lid. That monitor takes a daily reading and transmits it back to us. We will then have a current reading of your tank level percentage. What’s convenient about this system, is that you have access to this data, as well. Simply login to your account via web browser or using the Keystone Propane app and you can see your tank percentage. You will no longer have to walk out to your tank to read the gauge. Check your account instead and give us a call if you need a delivery. We recommend contacting us when your tank drops to 30%. Better yet, you can schedule it yourself by using the same customer portal you’re already familiar with.

Automatic Deliveries

Still not easy enough? No worries, we’ve got you. Just sign up for automatic deliveries and you won’t even have to make a phone call. Once enrolled, you’ll never be in danger of running out of propane. When your tank is getting low, we’ll add you to a delivery route. It’s that easy. It’s nice having someone else do all the work, right?

Easy as Pie

The installation process is straight-forward and requires no effort on your part. As long as we have access to your tank, you don’t even need to be there. Our trained technician will install your new tank monitor in about 15 minutes and test it onsite. Once our tech verifies it’s working properly, you’re all set. Wow! Keystone sounds great, huh? All of these things designed to make your life easier? You should probably become a customer. Just sayin’.