Propane and Romance

Say what? There’s nothing romantic about propane, right? In the world of energy sources, propane stands out as a versatile, efficient, and environmentally friendly option that has been powering homes and industries since the early 1900’s. From backyard barbecues to fueling commercial fleets, propane’s adaptability and ease of use makes it truly remarkable. Yeah, yeah, propane is awesome. So, what does that have to do with romance? Glad you asked.

Cold Leads to Warmth

As February’s chill is in the air, we’d all like to have a warm, cozy Valentine’s Day. Assuming you’re not one of those people that believes this day is simply a construct of big corporations created to sell flowers, candy, cards, jewelry, and expensive meals. Come to think of it…hmmm, maybe…nah, let’s get back to the topic at hand. Romance.

Think Bigger

Sure, a candlelight dinner is nice, but you should think bigger. How about a nice, quiet dinner in front of your propane fireplace? The flickering light, the warmth, the ambiance; candles simply can’t hold a candle to a fireplace. (Sorry about that one). May I ask how you’re going to cook that delicious dinner? Perhaps with your propane-powered range?

The Best Laid Plans…

“I only have electric appliances in my home, not propane”. No worries. You can still have a great Valentine’s Day with electric. Okay, so there’s no fireplace. No big deal. Your romantic night huddled around a sad candle is just as good. It’s all about being with the one you love, anyway. Until…whoosh…the wind knocks out your power. If only you had a propane generator, your significant other wouldn’t be yelling at you right now.

Romance, Shmomance

For single people or those who just aren’t into the whole “Romance” thing, propane can help you, too. How about getting the friends together for a backyard bash? And, yes, you can grill in the winter. Gather ‘round the fire pit to stay warm and party the night away. Cold air, hot food, and a group of buddies. These sound like the ingredients for a good time. Just don’t forget the s’mores.

Having Some Fun

Obviously, this has been a light-hearted take on a ridiculous idea. Just a little bit of fun with a few laughs thrown in. The whole point of this blog, though, was to demonstrate how useful propane is and how much it can contribute to our lives. If you are interested in learning more, please read some of our other blogs. Stay warm and enjoy your new propane romance!