How to Clean Your Propane Grill

How to Clean Your Propane Grill

Summer is upon us, and that means it’s time to invite your friends and family to the house and heat up the grill. A poorly maintained grill, however, can put a damper on the festivities. Your grill needs to be fully cleaned and prepared before you start grilling. By not preparing your propane grill, you could not only contaminate any food that you grill but it could affect the use of the grill.

To clean your propane grill the right way, keep these simple tips in mind.

Step 1: Make sure the dials are in the off position

This is for your personal safety. Starting the cleaning process while the dials are on can be a recipe for disaster. You also want to turn off and disconnect the propane tank before you begin cleaning.

Step 2: Remove the cooking grates

The grates are where you place your food, so it’s important that they are fully clean before you start grilling. Soak them in warm water and scrub them with a scouring pad or grill stone.

Step 3: Remove and wash the flame tamers

The flame tamers act as burner protectors. They shield the burners from sauces and grease which can damage the burners. They also help to evenly distribute heat across the cooking surface. They can get quite dirty over time, so it’s important that you fully remove any lingering residue before you start cooking. Apply warm water and soap and scrub them with a brush or scouring pad for maximum cleaning.

Step 4: Clean and unclog the burners

The burners are directly responsible for how heat is delivered to the cooking surface. If it’s clogged, your grill won’t cook properly. Remove the burners from the grill and remove the grime with warm water and soap.

Step 5: Clean the metal plates

The metal plates underneath the burners are typically loaded with gunk and grime. To fully clean them, pull them out, and use a brush to scrap off the grime and debris. A brush with hard bristles will work better than a sponge or scouring pad.

Step 6: Inspect the fuel line

While you’re cleaning, it won’t hurt to check the fuel line for any cracks or leaks. A leaky fuel line can waste your propane, and it could present a significant health hazard. Brush soapy water along the gas line and connections. If you see bubbles forming while the gas is running, you likely need to tighten the connections or replace the fuel line.

Step 7: Clean and maintain on a regular basis

You should always scrub down your propane grill at the start of the season to make sure everything is in proper order. If the weather is warm, and the grill is being used often, you should regularly clean and inspect the grill. This will help to extend the longevity of your grill, and it will make for better grilling sessions.

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