5 Reason to Convert Your Home to Propane

5 Reason to Convert Your Home to Propane

Heating is a central function responsible for keeping your home comfortable and efficient, which is why it’s so important to choose the best fit for your family. If your heat currently runs on oil or electric, it may be time to consider upgrading to a clean energy fuel like propane. The popularity of propane is growing quickly, and for many reasons. Want to know why propane gas is the first choice for savvy homeowners everywhere? Here are five reasons to convert your home to propane:


Efficiency is at the top of the list, and propane definitely delivers. Compared to other fuel sources, propane offers a level of value and comfort that sets it apart from other heating options. Efficiency is one of the key differentiators that makes propane such an attractive option, allowing you to save hundreds of dollars a year because it burns so cleanly.


Propane does it all and is powerful enough to meet your home’s wide variety of needs. It’s used for home heating, home appliances, space heating, generators, and much more. Not only does it allow you to simplify your life by using propane appliances that lost longer and require less maintenance, it offers flexibility you just can’t get with other fuels.


When handled properly, propane is one of the safest options for heating and running your home. It’s also extremely handy in an emergency if you happen to be in need of a backup generator.


Speaking of emergencies, propane wins hands down over electric heating. When you use propane there’s no need to worry about power outages caused by fallen branches or ice storms interfering with your power lines. Propane is already ready, every day, no matter what type of weather you’re facing.


One of the most popular characteristics of propane is that it’s nontoxic, posing no threat to your groundwater or soil. As an option that burns a lot cleaner than other fuels, propane helps you to shrink your home’s carbon footprint while you do your part to keep your community green.

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