Propane Usage for Grilling in the Fall

Fall is near and it’s the season of change. As the days begin to grow shorter and evenings cooler (and more pleasant), it’s time to change the way you grill and enjoy the outdoors, too.

Keystone Propane is dedicated to taking care of your propane needs all year round, including the season of tailgates and family get-togethers.

Propane Grill Benefits

Grilling is often thought of as a summer pastime, but fall is also a great time to fire it up. Many people enjoy grilling this time of year due to the favorable weather, beautiful outdoor setting, holidays, and events such as football games.

One of the top benefits of propane grills is that cleaning them is a breeze compared to charcoal grills. This makes them perfect for taking advantage of the limited daylight hours. An even greater convenience is if your home uses propane for heat, you may not need to buy an additional tank. It would be helpful to look into connecting your grill to your bulk home propane source.

Propane Fire Pits

Another great way to continue grilling into the fall is by heating your outdoor space with a fire pit. Unlike its messier cousin, the wood fire, propane fire pits are easy to clean and are smoke and ash-free.

Propane also makes for an altogether safer heating solution compared to burning wood. The possibility of a wood-fueled fire spreading is a real hazard and extinguishing the flames quickly can be very difficult. With propane, there are no hot embers that can trigger an incident and with one turn of a knob, the fire is out.

All Good Things Come to an End

As autumn approaches, and dare I say, winter comes knocking (sigh), the time is coming to pack away your outdoor fun and get set for the cold. Now is the perfect time to make sure you’re ready for the change. Check your outdoor vents and chimney to make sure they are free from debris or obstructions.

When the time inevitably comes to put away your propane grill for the season, give it a good cleaning. You’ll thank yourself come next spring. Finally, and most importantly, NEVER take your propane tank indoors. Propane tanks need to be stored in an open environment that has adequate ventilation.