Propane Facts and Fiction

Looking to learn more propane facts? Educating yourself about the truths and rumors of propane can help you decide if it is right for you, your home, or your business. The rumors about propane can be a nightmare, so we are here to set the record straight! If you have additional questions about this rising energy source, contact Keystone Propane!

Propane Fiction

  • Propane is not safe –  False! Propane systems are just as safe as using other heating systems. If liquid propane leaks, it vaporizes in the air. Keystone Propane can show you what to do in case you suspect a propane leak in your home or business.
  • Propane is not cost-efficient – False! When deciding which energy source is best for you, it’s always important to take a comprehensive view when choosing. Take into consideration all expenses involved; including the cost of the product, maintenance, and life of the product, amongst many other factors. When looking, you’ll find that propane is the most cost-effective choice for many applications.
  • Propane heats slower than most other fuels – False! Propane actually has a warmer heating point than most electric systems. This allows it to be an efficient source of heat for your home or office. A propane furnace can heat the room up to around 140 degrees when an electric heat pump produces heat below 98 degrees.

Propane Facts

  • Propane is mainly domestically produced – True! Nearly 90% of the U.S. propane supply is produced in the United States. And nearly three-quarters of the remaining 10% is produced in North America (Canada or Mexico).
  • Propane is clean & safe for the environment – True! Did you know the 1990 Clean Air Act lists propane as an approved clean fuel? When you use propane over other fuels, you’re reducing greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, and other air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide. Propane also does not spill, pool, or leave residues which makes it harmless to soil or water, if it leaks.
  • Propane is affordable and efficient – True! Propane’s average price stays customer-friendly because of its non-stop growth. Propane can also help you dry clothes quicker, cook faster, and heat your home more efficiently. Running your heating system efficiently is, of course, the best way to save money.


This is just a brief introduction to propane and its benefits. If you’d like to delve deeper into the subject, please check out our 4-part informational series here.