Why A Gozney Dome Is The Perfect Pizza Oven

Adding a Gozney outdoor pizza oven to your backyard will make you the envy of the neighborhood in Throop, Greentown and beyond. Tom Gozney, the company’s founder, describes the Gozney Dome like this “It’s like Apple and a historic Neapolitan oven came together and had a child.” Learn more about the best pizza oven on the market below.

This Quality Pizza Oven Has Unrivaled Performance.

There are a lot of outdoor pizza ovens out there today. What sets Gozney apart is its thoughtful design and quality construction:

  • It’s insulated, so it stays hotter for longer and distributes heat more evenly
  • The ceramic exterior is excellent for storing outdoors.
  • It’s professional grade so it will work better, for longer.
  • It comes with all the bells and whistles like a detachable flue and cap, dock and accessory port, built-in digital thermometer, two temperature probes, manual air regulation vent and ashtray module.

In short, these pizza ovens are designed without compromise for the best performance.

Enjoy Unlimited Possibilities With A Gozney Dome.

This oven isn’t just for pizza. It’s extremely versatile and can cook anything from artisanal pizzas to steaks to slow-smoked meats and sourdough bread. It can roast, smoke, steam or bake–all with the precision of a high-end chef. It’s quick to heat up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit and has wood and gas-powered dual applications. You will undoubtedly be the talk of the neighborhood when you entertain in your backyard with a Gozney.

It’s Engineered For Beginners & Easy To Use.

We hope we haven’t scared you with all this ‘professional’ and ‘chef’ talk. The best part about this pizza oven is it’s easy to use and clean. Controlling a gas flame is easier than wood while you’re learning. The design has no cold spots, and the knobs are all very straightforward. The mouth of the oven is also 16”, larger than most other outdoor ovens. This added space allows you more control over your food and gives you some room to distance it from the flame if it gets too hot. It will take some time, but the learning curve is much more friendly with this high-end product engineered for beginners.

Keystone Propane Is Your Trusted Source of Gozney Domes In Throop.

A Gozney Dome will change the way you cook outdoors in Throop, Greentown and beyond. We invite you to visit our showroom to see both the Gozney Dome and the Gozney Roccbox in person! Our experienced professionals will talk you through your options and answer any questions about this perfect pizza oven. Contact us today!