saving energy this summer

How to Save Energy in PA


Paying energy bills gets expensive, even in Pennsylvania. Here are some quick and simple tips to help you save money on energy bills.


Take Care Of Your Machinery

Make sure that all of your energy-consuming machinery, especially your A/C unit, is tuned up. When you tune up your machines they run cleaner and more efficiently.


Tuning up your A/C unit every year can save you a lot of power usage bills.


If you need to get your A/C unit tuned up in Northeastern PA, contact Keystone Propane. 


Wash And Dry Your Clothes Efficiently

Always try to get the most out of your power-guzzling machines when you use them. Try to wash and dry full loads of laundry. Running small loads all the time starts to add up in power spend.


Unplug Your Devices

Phantom power is a real thing. Plugged-in idle devices are slowly but surely sucking up energy. Unplug all unused, idle devices. You can also use a power cord and turn it off when idle items are not in use. 


Raise Your Thermostat

Creating cold air in the summer costs more power. Try to increase the temperature of your home when no one is around. 


Upgrade Technology

Due to technological advancement, household machines have improved overall energy usage and efficiency. Consider upgrading if you have an old clunker A/C unit, washer, oven, etc.


Use Low Energy Cooking Methods

Using an oven to cook your meals requires a lot of power. Additionally, it increases the temperature in your house, which you don’t want in the summer. Go outside and use that grill instead. 


Taking care of your power-using machines, unplugging them, and remaining energy conscious will help you save on energy utility bills in PA. 


Don’t tinker or mess with machinery that you have not yet learned the mechanics. Call a professional, contact Keystone Propane