Choose Your LP-Gas Provider Wisely

KeystonePropaneNewsletter-July2014-001Caveat Emptor … as you may have learned in your Economics Class in high school, this simple Latin phrase means, “Let the Buyer beware.” This philosophy should apply to every purchase you make, whether it’s a personal item or a consumable such as LP-Gas. When you first begin researching an LP-Gas provider, make sure that you do your homework. There are a wide variety of LP-Gas providers in most regions of the U.S. and their care, pricing, and attention to detail are just as various as their names.

Contact every provider in your area. Listen carefully to the information that they provide about their services and how their processes unfold. Beware of those that only discuss their prices and how easy it is to become a customer. They’re only interested in one thing, and that’s your money. If the companies you talk with don’t mention appliance inspection and system integrity testing, you should shy away from them. Your safety should be first and foremost to any company that you decide to purchase LP-Gas from.

Next, for the LP-Gas providers that you have on your short list, you should attempt to contact them after business hours to see exactly how difficult it would be for you to reach someone in case of an emergency. This is a critical part of any LP-Gas business … timely response to out of the ordinary conditions. If it is difficult to get a hold of them, would you want them responding to an emergency at your home?

One last item I would recommend is to talk people you know whom have LP-Gas. Ask them questions about their service and experience with the company that they are currently doing business with; even ask them how much gas a year they use and approximately what price they are paying. Then compare this information to the prices you were quoted when talking to those companies. A large disparity will tell you, the consumer, where your pricing will be in a couple of years.

We at Keystone Propane do our best every year to keep our customers competitively priced within their market segment. By doing this we establish a long term relationship with our customers and a trust that we will always attempt to look out for their interests. As an LP-Gas provider in NE Pennsylvania, we may never be the cheapest, but we will always be competitive. When it comes to service we go to great lengths to ensure that your system meets all Federal, State and Local codes. Our technicians take their time and explain safety procedures you should observe in the event of an emergency.

Whether you buy from Keystone Propane or another company, our hope is that you will buy from someone who has you and your family’s safety as their first priority, always.

Thank you,
Keystone Propane


How to Throw the Ultimate Summer Party

Summer Fun for Everyone

summer partySummer has finally arrived and Keystone Propane is here to help you get the party started! Celebrate in style this summer with some of our great outdoor party planning ideas. Invite your closest friends or the entire neighborhood … either way you’ll impress your guests while creating Summer memories everyone will remember.

Let’s Talk Appetizers

Naturally, the main course is what’s on everyone’s minds, but offering some mouth watering appetizers will hold your guests over ’til the burgers are well done. Although chips and dip are always a huge hit, don’t be afraid to opt for something a little more unexpected. Check out this amazing recipe for Fiery Grilled Shrimp with Honeydew Gazpacho on Epicurious. Introducing something with flair will definitely get your guests sending their compliments to the chef.

Find a Knife and Get Your Groove On

Carving a watermelon into a basket is an old trick, so why not kick it up a notch? You can easily create a cocktail keg by cleaning out the melon, then creating a hole that’s just a little smaller than keg shank. Insert the keg shank, fill the melon with your favorite pulp free beverage and … voila! You’re now the coolest party thrower on the block.

Super Simple Table Decor

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart in order to make your party table stand out. Instead of trying for something frilly, why not use some vibrant beach blankets to bring some color to your spread? Mix and match some great looks with strips, polka dots, and palm trees to give your party some personality while saving a few dollars on throw away items.

Fun Theme Parties

summer party pinataWhy have a pool party when you can have a PIRATE pool party? Theme parties are entertaining for both the kids and adults in your life and they’re relatively inexpensive to pull off. There’s no shortage of great theme ideas out there. If you’re having trouble coming up with some of your own, check out this great list of theme party ideas.

Backyard Entertainment

You don’t need to hire a live band or dj to get your guests dancing and having a good time. It’s super easy to create a playlist on your phone to keep everyone moving to your favorite party music. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Pinata’s are perfect for the kids to enjoy and outdoor movie watching drive-in style is quickly becoming extremely popular in many neighborhoods.

Do you have any ideas on how to create an amazing Summer party? Please share your thoughts with us below!


Why Choose a Kamado Grill?

KAMADO Grill JOE CLASSIC 18If you are among the many grill enthusiasts who are always looking to improve your grilling techniques, you may be interested in learning more about the Kamado Grill. Kamado grilling is becoming an increasingly popular way to prepare your favorite foods, giving you juicier meats with the wood-fire flavor that makes mouths water.

What Is Kamado Grilling?

Originally used by the Japanese, the first kamados were ovens used for firing and cooking made from ceramics and other earthen materials. Modern grilling experts turned to the original kamado to create today’s version, which is considered by many to be the premium method for outdoor cooking. They are typically fueled by charcoal, however, there are also other versions that rely on gas or electricity. The ceramic construction of the kamado delivers an impressive amount of heat retention, making the kamado grill an extremely efficient means of cooking outdoors. It is also incredibly versatile in the types of foods it is able to prepare. The adventurous cook can do much more than strictly grilling, as the kamado grill is also well suited for not only smoking and roasting, but baking breads and pizza with the use of a pizza stone.

The Convenience of Kamado

One of the most attractive features of the kamado grill is that it can cook pretty much any type of meat you would normally cook in a conventional. Some kamado grills even offer a rotisserie option that will allow you to crisp your meat to perfection. Because most kamado grills usually use lump charcoal in lieu of the traditional briquettes, they burn cleaner and leave less ash behind. To keep the small amount of clean up as easy as possible, many kamados include a slide out tray to dispose of the little ash that is remaining after cooking.

Another great feature of many kamado grills is that they come with the ability to cook on multiple surfaces at the same time via an internal tray. The convenience of the internal cooking tray allows you to cook several foods at once, making it possible for your meat and vegetables to be finished cooking all at the same time. These separate heat zones are tremendous time savers for those of you looking for a quick and delicious meal.

Have you ever cooked on a kamado grill? If so, please feel free to leave us feedback on your experiences and don’t forget to visit our pages for Kamado Joe and The Big Green Egg for more information!