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Benefits of Propane Grills

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It’s time to start gearing up for that big Memorial Day Weekend bash so you can kick your summer off right. If you’re ready to get your grill on but are still unsure whether propane or coal is the best choice, Keystone Propane is here to help. Did you know that gas grills typically outsell […]

Spring Cleaning for Energy Savings

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Now that the warm weather is finally here, it’s time to start working on your spring cleaning to whip your home back into shape. Most homeowners automatically put window washing and mulching at the top of the list, but they fail to realize the benefit of concentrating their efforts in other less obvious tasks like […]

5 Most Popular Propane Gas Appliances

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Gas grills and furnaces may be one of the most popular propane appliances, but propane has a lot more to offer when it comes to powering your home. Millions of homeowners and business owners in the U.S. currently use propane, and with so many possible applications, it’s no wonder that more and more people are […]