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U.S. and Canada Join Forces for Clean Energy

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President Barack Obama and Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau have released a joint statement on climate, energy, and arctic leadership according to recent information from the White House. After a tumultuous history, the two countries will finally share a comprehensive plan for climate action. Over the years, serious conversations regarding the climate between Canada and the […]

How Warm Temperatures Are Lowering Heating Bills

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With annuals already beginning to sprout, it’s clear that Spring is making an early arrival in many parts of the Northeast. Recent reports show that the warm weather is bringing homeowners across Pennsylvania and other states more than early blooms … it’s bringing a welcomed price drop in home heating bills. According to data from […]

Propane Safety: Best Practices

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Using propane gas is one of the safest ways to heat your home, power your vehicles, and cook your food. It is a clean burning fuel that provides many Americans with a cost efficient source of energy that can be adapted to a wide variety of needs. There are many ways you and your family […]