Free Solutions for Heat Savings

Free Solutions for Heat Savings

Don’t let this year’s winter weather put a burden on your pocketbook. By following these few simple tips, you will see a noticeable difference in your heating bill without spending any additional money!

Turning Down the Thermostat Does Make a Difference

Did you know that you can save approximately 3% of your total heating costs by turning down your thermostat just 1 degree? Those percentages can add up quickly. Think of how many opportunities there are to turn down the heat when you and your family aren’t home. Remember to adjust your thermostat before you leave for work and again at night before you go to bed … you can save a bundle.

Clean Those Heating Vents

Any build-up or blockages in your heating vents could prevent the proper circulation of airflow throughout your home. Without good circulation, the lack of efficiency isn’t only wasting heat … it’s wasting money as well. Be sure to keep your vents clear of debris, carpeting, or anything else that could disrupt airflow and efficiency.

It’s Curtains for You

How and when you adjust your curtains could aid in both warming your home and insulating it at night. Determine which windows in your home are facing south, and open your shades and curtains to let the sunlight in. Closing all your curtains in the evening will help to prevent the warm air from escaping, increasing your overall heating efficiency.

Are You a Fan of Fans?

Fans can quickly disperse the heat in your home, especially if they’re left on longer than needed. It can be extremely easy to forget to turn off a fan after use, so do your best to be aware of fans running longer than absolutely necessary, especially in your kitchen and bathroom.

Close Up That Fireplace

Contrary to popular belief, that cozy fire can actually be stealing the heat from your home when it’s in use. Try to limit the use of your fireplace and always keep the damper closed when not in use.

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