Prevent Your Heating Bill From Haunting You: Energy Efficiency Tricks and Treats

Prevent Your Heating Bill From Haunting You: Energy Efficiency Tricks and Treats

For many people, there’s nothing spookier than receiving a steep energy bill. To help keep your energy bill in-check this Halloween season, we have compiled a series of useful, actionable energy efficiency tricks you can easily implement.

Energy Efficiency Tricks and Treats

Protect Your Airflow

Those air leaks in your windows and doors allow unwanted, cold air to creep into the home. This air disrupts the internal temperature of the home, causing your energy system to work harder, and for your energy bill to skyrocket. By plugging these air leaks with caulk, you won’t have cold air sneaking into your home. Bonus: you also keep scary, ghostly spirits at bay.

Turn the Lights Off

It’s difficult to keep a spooky vibe if all your indoor lights are on. Save energy by turning off the lights. If there are areas of the home that need to be illuminated, use candles. Candles also vibe perfectly with the Halloween season by creating a spooky atmosphere.

Use LED Lights

If you’re adorning your home with spooky decorations this Halloween, use LED lights. These conserve far less energy than normal lightbulbs. Regular lighting can be like an energy vampire—slowly sucking away your energy, causing your electric bill to rise.

Unplug Unused Electronics

Those electronics and appliances can be another energy vampire. Even if they aren’t being used, they still consume energy. This is called “phantom energy loads,” and it can be stopped by simply unplugging those unused devices and appliances.

Maintain the Chimney

The warmth and comfort of a fireplace can be so welcoming in the fall season, but a chimney that’s always opened will cause warm air to escape during the winter and fall seasons. When it’s not in use, close your chimney flue. Doing so will keep warm air inside, while keeping scary witches out.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are extremely useful for energy conservation. You can program it to raise or lower the temperature when you aren’t home, and you can also program it to adjust during set times.

Protect Your Home with Insulation

Your crawlspace and attic areas are practically outside your house, and they have a high amount of penetrations for water pipes, sewer lines, vent stacks, etc. These are often small penetrations, but they can make a huge difference in how you consume energy. Properly insulating these areas will help to keep warm air where it’s supposed to be—inside the home.

Seeing an expensive energy bill can be a scary sight. Instead, follow the tips in this blog post or contact Keystone Propane today to find out how to keep your energy bill manageable. Happy Halloween!