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Energy Efficiency Tips for Back-To-School

School season is back, and it’s a time of the year with high energy consumption. To help you conserve energy during this time of year, we’ve compiled a series of actionable energy efficiency tips you can follow.

Easy Energy Efficiency Tips

1. Install a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are quite useful. During the warmer months, you should put the temperature as high as you can; during the winter, program the temperature as low as you can comfortably handle. The programmable thermostat can heat and cool your home around your schedule, making it a powerful tool to help you save energy.

2. Optimize your lighting

While the kids are at school, you should be consuming less energy throughout the day. Take advantage of this by ensuring that all unused lights are turned off. It’s also a good idea to replace inefficient lightbulbs. Replace all your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs. These bulbs tend to use less energy, while also lasting longer. Optimizing your lighting surprisingly simple tip that will help you consume less power throughout the course of the year.

3. Unplug your devices

Most kids have an arsenal of gadgets and devices throughout the house, but while they’re away, it’s wise to unplug them to conserve energy. Even though the electronics will be idle, they still consume “vampire energy”, which is energy that leaks out from plugs and chargers while they are connected to a power outlet.

4. Use the fridge wisely

While you’re preparing your kid’s meals for school, you’ll be using your refrigerator while you take out certain items. The more you open and close your fridge, the more energy you consume, so it’s better to take out everything you need to use at once. While this is a small adjustment, it can help you conserve energy in the long run. Also, be sure to inspect your fridge’s seals. If the seals are broken, cold air will leak out, wasting a great deal of energy and money.

5. Use propane

Propane is a great energy source, and if used properly, can be more efficient than other energy sources. Compared to conventional gas and electric systems, propane can be much cheaper, especially when you factor in low installation and maintenance costs. Propane is extremely versatile, as it can heat your home, water, appliances (stove, dryer, etc.), and it can provide back-up power. Propane can also be purchased in bulk with affordable pre-buy contracts.

The school year is a great time to optimize how your household consumes energy. Follow the energy efficiency tips listed in this post to conserve more power and to save money throughout the school season and contact us today for more information!