Temporary Propane Heating

Efficient, affordable propane for your Business.

Have you recently landed a new construction contract in the dead of winter?

Don’t use expensive, inefficient diesel or electricity. You’re wasting precious financial resources your business could use to invest and grow instead. Instead, invest in a temporary propane heating unit from Keystone Propane!

Propane works great as an alternative heating source because it’s:

  • Portable. Move your propane heater anywhere, and a single heater also heats very large spaces effectively.


  • Good for heating large and small areas. The size of the area you need to be heated isn’t a problem, whether it’s thousands of square feet or just a small space. Propane does it effectively.


  • Efficient. Save on energy costs when compared to diesel, electric, or gas heaters. In fact, propane costs half of what it costs to use electric power.


  • Safe. Propane tanks resist puncture 20 times more effective than tanks filled with gasoline. If leaks happen, propane has such a strong smell that they’re quick and easy to locate.


  • Environmentally friendly. Propane emits fewer greenhouse gases than both gasoline and electricity.

Check out our PROPANE SOLUTIONS for your business.

If all of these benefits sound attractive to your business, then schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable field sales reps. Your consultation is absolutely free and will help you learn the benefits of propane and what solutions will work best for your company.

Businesses Who Need Temporary Heat

Large construction companies aren’t the only ones who need the temporary heating offered by propane. You may also need temporary propane heating if:

  • You run a manufacturing company


  • Are doing routine maintenance and need to turn off the heat


  • Drying out or dehumidifying your building


  • Recovering from the effects of a natural disaster


  • Conducting thermal treatment of wood pallets


  • Encounter any other emergency heating situations

Keystone Propane – Your 24/7 Partner in any Heating Emergency

Regardless of the reason you need propane heat, our field sales reps can help you identify an effective solution. We pride ourselves in providing straightforward per-gallon pricing and 24/7 emergency service for any reason.

If that sounds good to you, schedule a free, no-obligation, and in-person consultation with one of our knowledgeable field sales reps.

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