7 DIY Home Insulation Ideas

7 DIY Home Insulation Ideas

As the winter season approaches, it’s time to protect your home from the harsh, cold elements. Insulating the home is something many homeowners struggle with, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow these simple DIY ideas to keep your home insulated during the winter season.

1. Inspect the Home

Many homes (especially older ones) have spots where air leaks. Open spaces are prone to allow unwanted air to enter the home. Find some time to walk throughout the home and look for drafty areas. Common drafty areas can include the attic, basement, and crawlspace.

2. Maintain Your HVAC System

The health of your HVAC system is essential for keeping warm air from escaping the home. Check your air filters and clean them regularly. This will help to control the air flow in the home, and it will improve the air quality.

3. Seal Drafty Doorways

Place foam weather-stripping on the bottom and sides of your doors. If the gap underneath the door is especially large, put a double draft stopper to close the gap. You can buy these double draft stoppers from a hardware store near you, or you can create a homemade stopper using fabric, kitty litter, or even a pair of old jeans that you no longer wear.

4. Seal Drafty Windows

Add an extra layer of insulation to your windows with the help of plastic sheeting. This is a cheap DIY option that can stop outside air in its tracks. You only need plastic sheeting, double-sided tape, and a hairdryer. Apply the sheeting to the window sill with the tape, and apply hot air using the hairdryer. This is an easy way to ensure that your windows are insulated.

5. Seal Vents and Ducts

A great deal of air is lost through the vent and duct system due to poorly sealed openings and connections. Your duct system is often overlooked, and it can be hard to spot the leaks. To seal your ductwork, purchase some HVAC tape from a hardware store. HVAC tape is strong and doesn’t dry out (unlike duct tape). Apply the tape to any leaky opening on your ductwork.

6. Install Thick Curtains

If you have drafty windows, a set of thick curtains can really help to keep warm air in and cold air out. While they don’t serve a purpose in the summer months, thick curtains can make a difference in the winter seasons.

7. Swap Out the Screen Door

In the winter, we tend to forget about the screen door, as we have the main door to shield the home from the outside air. But even with the main door, outside air can still sneak inside the home. To stop this from happening, swap out that screen door for a solid pane of glass. This is an incredibly simple way to keep your home insulated during the winter months.

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