Why Fall is the Best Time of Year to Buy Propane

Purchase Propane During Fall

Fall is here and pretty soon it’ll be time for holiday party planning and gift buying. What better way to prep for that time of year than saving a few bucks on bills and other necessities? How about saving a little on your propane costs? The key is knowing when the right time to buy it is, and it just so happens to be fall. 

Keystone Propane is dedicated to making sure you have all the right knowledge when it comes to purchasing propane at the best time of year. 



Typically people begin thinking about buying propane based on the weather. For example, they may think when it’s coldest outside it’s time to buy. However, when it comes to buying propane, that’s a little too late. The winter months are usually when prices are higher and demand is greater. So not only is it more costly, it may also be in shorter supply. Prices tend to fluctuate all throughout the year, even during summer when people are using propane for camping or grilling. However it doesn’t compare to the colder time of year when people are purchasing to heat their homes. The greater the demand, the higher the prices increase.

This makes early fall the perfect time to purchase propane. With stable temperatures during this time of year, the likelihood of a sudden cold front or snap won’t happen like it does in the wintertime. And without that demand, the cost of propane should be quite low.

Also, it just never hurts to plan ahead. By scheduling your delivery early on in the fall, you know that you’re prepared for when the colder weather arrives. Your neighbors are rushing and scrambling to schedule their propane deliveries, you and your family and loved ones will already be enjoying gathering around your gas fireplace without worrying about your propane running out.



If you’re looking to schedule a propane check-up for delivery to beat the winter rush, Keystone Propane is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment or for additional information about our propane services and products.


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