How to Throw the Ultimate Summer Party

summer party

summer partySummer Fun for Everyone

Summer has finally arrived and Keystone Propane is here to help you get the party started! Celebrate in style this summer with some of our great outdoor party planning ideas. Invite your closest friends or the entire neighborhood … either way you’ll impress your guests while creating Summer memories everyone will remember.

Let’s Talk Appetizers

Naturally, the main course is what’s on everyone’s minds, but offering some mouth watering appetizers will hold your guests over ’til the burgers are well done. Although chips and dip are always a huge hit, don’t be afraid to opt for something a little more unexpected. Check out this amazing recipe for Fiery Grilled Shrimp with Honeydew Gazpacho on Epicurious. Introducing something with flair will definitely get your guests sending their compliments to the chef.

Find a Knife and Get Your Groove On

Carving a watermelon into a basket is an old trick, so why not kick it up a notch? You can easily create a cocktail keg by cleaning out the melon, then creating a hole that’s just a little smaller than keg shank. Insert the keg shank, fill the melon with your favorite pulp free beverage and … voila! You’re now the coolest party thrower on the block.

Super Simple Table Decor

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart in order to make your party table stand out. Instead of trying for something frilly, why not use some vibrant beach blankets to bring some color to your spread? Mix and match some great looks with strips, polka dots, and palm trees to give your party some personality while saving a few dollars on throw away items.

Fun Theme Parties

Why have a pool party when you can have a PIRATE pool party? Theme parties are entertaining for both the kids and adults in your life and they’re relatively inexpensive to pull off. There’s no shortage of great theme ideas out there. If you’re having trouble coming up with some of your own, check out this great list of theme party ideas.

Backyard Entertainment

You don’t need to hire a live band or dj to get your guests dancing and having a good time. It’s super easy to create a playlist on your phone to keep everyone moving to your favorite party music. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Pinata’s are perfect for the kids to enjoy and outdoor movie watching drive-in style is quickly becoming extremely popular in many neighborhoods.

Do you have any ideas on how to create an amazing Summer party? Please share your thoughts with us below!


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