Temperature Control Devices

Temperature Control Devices


Proper use of a high-quality food thermometer ensures that meat, poultry, seafood, and other cooked foods reach a safe minimum internal temperature. Remember, you can’t tell whether meat is safely cooked by looking at it.

These professional-grade food thermometers accurately and precisely measures the internal temperatures of food with a quick 3- to 4-second response time.

Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer

Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer

The Big Green Egg Professional Instant Read Digital Food Thermometer offers guaranteed performance and accuracy with a large, easy-to-read LCD display. Easily check the temperature of your food without having to squint at the numbers!


Wireless Thermometer

Cook like a pro with the Big Green Egg Dual Probe Remote Wireless Thermometer – accurately and precisely monitor anything you are cooking – and the internal EGG temperature at the same time – from a distance of up to 300 ft / 91m!

The wireless receiver displays both temperatures simultaneously so you are in control at all times – and an alert will sound when the desired temperature is reached.


Digital Thermometer

The digital thermometer is a necessity when cooking meat or poultry to safely regulate the internal temperature; an alert will sound when the desired temperature is reached.

Dual Probe Remote Thermometer – ET732

The remote wireless thermometer monitors temperatures from 300′/91m.


Button Thermometers

The reusable, stainless steel Button Thermometers clearly display the appropriate temperatures for cooking meats. The Steak Buttons register rare, medium, and well done.

Pork Button® Thermometer – BUTPK
Poultry Button® Thermometer – BUTPO
Steak Button® Thermometer – BUTS1
Steak Button® Thermometers/set of four – BUTS4


Traditional Thermometers

Traditional “Stick & Stay” Thermometer
When inserted into the center of the meat as you begin cooking, the Stick and Stay Thermometer monitors the internal temperature during the cooking period to indicate when your meat is cooked to the desired temperature.
Item Code: M


Big Green Egg BBQ Guru

Temperature control so precise, it’s like having a personal valet watching your EGG!

Each year, Big Green Egg grilling enthusiasts from countries across the globe compete in hundreds of sanctioned barbecue contests -- carefully mixing their homemade recipes for rubs, sauces, and marinades and painstakingly trimming each cut of meat to perfection in their quest to gain the winning edge. And, most importantly, they know the value of precise temperature control for the perfect result!

The amazing Big Green Egg BBQ Guru gives every champion cook the winning edge – including those who don’t venture beyond their own backyard! The DigiQ DX2 temperature control system is designed to hold the desired temperature in your Big Green Egg for hours on end – and is so advanced it will even gradually lower the cooking temperature so foods won’t overcook. It is better than a personal valet because it never takes a day off!

No need to worry about your low-and-slow cook … just attach the BBQ Guru, set your temperature and relax!

The BBQ Guru is simple to operate and features a bright LED display that alternates between pit and food temperature on its easy-to-read screen.

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