Gas Stove GDS60

Gas Stove GDS60

Gas Stove GDS60|GdS60-1-Straight|GDS60-1-MBrown-straight|GDS60-1-Black-Plated-Trivet|GDS60-1-Chrome-Plated-Trivet|black_andiron|Specs_GDS60

Impressive Heating Efficiencies

Larger viewing area, more sophisticated outer casting design

Straight from our Research & Development Team

Napoleon’s GDS60 Gas Stove has always been successful and in popular demand for its solid performance and impressive heating efficiencies. The GDS60 comes standard with Napoleon’s PHAZER® log set, glowing embers, anti-condensation switch (controls pilot usage for cold climate installations) and electronic ignition with battery back-up. With its larger viewing area and new elegant fine detailing and sleek, more sophisticated outer casting design, the GDS60 now offers much more than its original superior capabilities.

Product Features:

  • 35,000 BTU’s in natural gas or propane
  • Advanced burner system produces the most realistic Yellow Dancing Flame® in the industry
  • A larger viewing area with its new updated design
  • ACS (Anti-Condensation Switch) controls pilot usage for cold climate installations
  • B-Vent Adapter Kits allow installation into existing chimneys
  • 50% flame/heat adjustment for maximum comfort and efficiency
  • Compact, easily accessible and user-friendly controls
  • Equipped with 100% SAFE GUARD™ gas control system for your peace of mind
  • Heat transferring, high heat ceramic glass
  • President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Options & Accessories:

GdS60-1-Straight GDS60-1-MBrown-straight GDS60-1-Black-Plated-Trivet GDS60-1-Chrome-Plated-Trivet
 Painted Black Finish Porcelain Enamel
Majolica Brown Finish
Cast Iron Trivet
Painted Black Finish
Cast Iron Trivet
Chrome Plated Finish
decorative-sandstone-brick black_andiron remote-controls-f45-f6011
Decorative Sandstone
Brick Panel
Painted Black Finish
F45 & F60 Remote ControlsAdjusts Heat and On/Off


Model GDS60 – Cast Iron Gas Stove
BTU’s(Input) Natural Gas Propane
35,000 31,500
Venting Top or Rear
Height Actual
30 1/2”
Front Width 27”
Depth 19 1/2”
Glass Type Ceramic
Glass Size Hight Width
18 3/4” 21”
EnerGuide 63.1%
AFUE 64%
Steady State 78%
Blower Optional
Mobile Home Certified Yes
Electronic Ignition Yes
Minimum Clearances To Combustibles Corner Rear Sides
2″ 6″ 6″
Certified under Canadian and American National Standards: ANSI Z21.88, CSA 2.33 for vented gas fireplace heaters.


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