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Direct Vent Fireplace

There are many positives in switching to propane gas for home heating over electricity. Home propane is far more efficient than electricity, as you need less propane to heat your home than electricity. Propane is also much more affordable when compared to electricity, heating oil, or natural gas. 

Another valuable positive to home propane use is it is much safer for you and your family. Propane is a non-toxic, non-poisonous gas that has very low volatility meaning it requires extremely high temperatures to ignite. Propane companies in PA will also provide instructions for smelling a gas leak in your home. While it is non-toxic it’s important to report a gas leak immediately.

In Northeast Pennsylvania, our winters are anything but warm. Ice often causes loss of electricity. With propane heat in your home, you will never be without heat in these harsh conditions. Keystone Propane provides propane home delivery that you can easily schedule on our app! Contact us for more information on how switching to home propane can be effective!

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