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Direct Vent HD40

Direct Vent HD40

Gas Stove GDS60|GdS60-1-Straight|GDS60-1-MBrown-straight|GDS60-1-Black-Plated-Trivet|GDS60-1-Chrome-Plated-Trivet|black_andiron|Specs_GDS60

Gas Stove GDS60

Gas Stove GDS50|gds28-black|gds28-chrome|gds28-gold|trivets-three-colour-options1|doors-painted-black-24-karat-gold-and-satin-chrome-plated-finishes|b-vent-adapter-kits|gold_andiron|Specs_GDS50

Gas Stoves GDS50

Gas Stove GDS28|Specs_gds28

Gas Stoves GDS28

Did you know that you don’t need firewood, soot, ash, and a mess to enjoy a perfectly lovely warm fire in your home? It’s possible with one of Keystone Propane’s propane fireplaces!

Our large selection of propane gas fireplace inserts is a perfect way to avoid the mess and dangers that come with regular firewood. You can finally have the fireplace of your dreams without the mess and the risks. In fact, there are many benefits of propane fireplace inserts which include being better for the environment, cleaner, safer, and more cost-efficient!

If you’re looking to add a beautiful new fireplace to your home, Keystone Propane has an array of propane fireplace products for sale. We will even install it for you!

Our fireplaces and gas stoves are a great addition or accent piece to your home. Perfect for cold finished basements, bedrooms, sitting rooms, and more! A cool morning or winter evening always welcomes a warm fire.

If you have any questions on which fireplace or gas stove is the right fit for your home, visit our showroom, give us a call, or contact us online today! We are happy to help you find the fireplace of your dreams and install it into your home. Being cold in the mornings will be a thing of the past with one of our fireplaces and propane fireplace log inserts.

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