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Outdoor Propane Fireplace GPF Patioflame®|glass-media-kits-blue-amber-black-red-clear-topazstandard|gpf-rocks-white|gpf-rocks-brown|gpf_patioflame_table_burning_web|gpf_patioflame_cover_screen

Outdoor Gas Fireplace GPF Patioflame®

Outdoor Gas Fireplace GPFG Patioflame®

Outdoor Gas Fireplace GPFG Patioflame®

Nothing screams the great outdoors than a fire pit. Whether it’s enjoying a cool summer night with your friends and family or just taking a much-needed break from your hectic life, staring into a crackling fire just fills a primal urge in all of us.

But really, who has the time to chop firewood and fight with the kindling? Wouldn’t it be easier to just flip a switch and voila! Well, you can do that with a propane fire pit from Keystone Propane.

When used correctly, propane fire pits are a safer alternative to the traditional fire pit. Ambers and ash are less likely to fly out, causing either your surroundings or yourself from catching fire. Keeping your fire safe and contained will keep your mind at ease when enjoying a nice campfire on your dock, wooded area, or close to your home on your patio.

Keystone Propane’s propane fire pit products are easy to use, stylish, and a great addition to your outdoor living area. You can customize the color of the glass and rocks to whatever fits your needs. You can easily install them anywhere and are constructed with stainless steel features to resist the harsh weather elements as well as provide maximum outdoor durability.

Other propane companies in Northeastern PA can only offer propane refills, but Keystone Propane can offer you great products to use with your propane! Check out our wide variety of propane accessories and products to enjoy at home, work, or on vacation. Contact us today with any questions you have about our propane products and accessories!

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