Agricultural / Irrigation System

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Propane Powering Your Irrigation System

Irrigation benefits agriculture since you’re not consistently dependent on mother nature to get the job done. Using irrigation on your farm allows you to automate the maintenance of your crops. Propane is a vital resource in making these irrigation systems run as optimally as possible.

The 2014 Propane Farm Incentive Program shows how farmers are taking advantage of propane for their irrigation needs. Propane-powered irrigation engines perform at a 28% higher capacity than diesel counterparts. This works out to a 50% savings on cost per hour than diesel irrigation engines.

Propane powers over 600,000 American Farms. It’s easy to see why due to all its benefits. Take advantage of lower costs per gallon with similar efficiency to diesel fuels, tax credits & exemptions, less government oversight, and the environmental benefits of propane.

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