Propane Crop Drying

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Crop Drying Using Propane

Making sure your crops are dry is an essential part of running an agricultural business. Not drying your crops can affect the return on your harvest. Too much water content in the crops can allow them to spoil faster lowering their shelf life.

Propane powers grain drying technology much more efficiently than other fuel sources, especially during the harvest. By using propane-fueled grain dryers, you can dry your crops without the fear of losing crops. This will lead to improved yields, delivering the best grain possible to your customers.

There are more benefits to crop drying with propane. For example, propane burns at a similar efficiently to gas yet is priced generally lower. In fact, newer dryers use up to 50 percent less thermal energy than older machines.

Propane is also a more reliable source of energy. Drying your crops with propane can reduce exposure to harsh weather conditions while decreasing the likelihood of overdrying. This results in higher yields and a better quality of grain.

Propane is also portable, allowing you to work anywhere you need to without worrying about the expense of connecting a supply line. And once your tank is empty, all you need to do is schedule a delivery with Keystone Propane to get you back in shape.

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Crop drying is one of the many reasons why over 600,000 farms in the United States incorporate using propane in their daily operations. Contact us now so one of Keystone Propane’s field sales representatives can consult you on using propane in the crop drying process.

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