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Efficient, affordable propane for your Dispensing Stations

Switch to a Dispensing Station Today!

Are you using a propane exchange cage? If you are, you could be paying many hidden expenses. You could be receiving a lower volume of propane for the same price (and you won’t be told about this).

Your customers bring in their 20-pound cylinder, get 15 pounds of propane, and then get charged a premium price. Have you checked with your propane gas exchange to make sure this isn’t happening to you?

Fortunately, there's a much simpler and cost-efficient solution. Instead of a propane exchange cage, why not install your own dispensing station? With a small investment of money, you can get started selling right away and start generating more revenue.

At Keystone Propane, we can give you personal service and straightforward per-gallon pricing. And that’s it!

You don’t have to deal with hidden costs. And your customers don’t either. They pay for what they get, move on, and are happy.

And guess what? They’ll come back to you for more in the future!

Click here if you would like to meet with one of our knowledgeable field representations for a free, no-obligation consultation that shows you how we can help you create your own dispensing station.

Check out our PROPANE SOLUTIONS for your business.

How it Works

With Keystone Propane, it’s always simple and straightforward. Here’s how our dispensing station reseller program works:

  • You contact us
  • We schedule a time for our knowledgeable field representative to meet with you (this first meeting is FREE)
  • You and your field sales representative pick out a desirable location for your dispensing station
  • You learn the various legal and logistical requirements for installation
  • You agree to have the dispensing station installed
  • Your field sales representative sets up a time to train your employees to properly dispense propane into the tank
  • We deliver propane as you need it at a straightforward per-gallon price

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. At Keystone Propane, your convenience is our priority. For your free, no-obligation consultation about setting up your own dispensing station with one of our experienced field sales representatives, click here.

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