Efficient, affordable propane for Agriculture

Why Should You Use Propane?

If you’ve been in the agricultural industry for a long time, you might be tempted to think diesel is the go-to fuel source. But, businesses in the agricultural industry benefit from propane because of these reasons:

  • Often comes with tax credits or exemptions, depending on how you use it


  • Costs less per gallon than gas, while burning at a similar efficiency.


  • Not subject to the increasingly tight environmental guidelines diesel engines face.


  • A more environmentally friendly alternative emitting 24% less nitrogen oxide and 60% less carbon monoxide.

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How are Agricultural Businesses Like Yours Using Propane?

Propane plays a part in every crop grown in the United States and is in use in more than 600,000 farms. Because of its efficiency, portability, and safety, propane is becoming even more commonly used in the agriculture industry. Businesses and individuals in the agricultural industry use propane for:

  • Heating brooders
  • Confinement Production
  • Motor fuel/Autogas for irrigation systems
  • Heating greenhouses and water tanks
  • Crop drying
  • Tobacco curing
  • Crop weeding
  • Fueling generators
  • Frost protection in fields and orchards
  • Powering heavy equipment and farm vehicles

And because propane's a fuel source on the rise, more agricultural uses are being found every day. Fortunately, Keystone Propane has knowledgeable field sales representatives who can help you identify how propane will benefit you, and how to best implement it based on your needs. Click here to get your free, no-obligation consultation and to meet in-person with one of our sales reps.

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