Forklifts/Industrial Trucks

Are you using the most efficient, safest, and cost-effective fuel source available in the marketplace? 

If you’re not using propane, you are wasting money and holding your company’s growth back.  By using propane for your forklifts, you:

  1. Save money by helping the engine last longer (often twice as long) than gas or diesel-fueled forklifts
  2. Keep your employees safe.  Propane causes minimal air pollution and also comes in tanks that are on average 20 times more difficult to penetrate than diesel or gas tanks.  Built-in safety devices also automatically shut off the fuel supply if an accident happens.
  3. Get more power than electric-powered forklifts
  4. Reduce maintenance costs because propane produces fewer engine deposit than gas or diesel
  5. Save time because you minimize the number of times your forklifts need to refuel.  A standard 33.5 pound propane tank runs approximately 8 hours before requiring refueling.
  6. Refuel fast.  It takes just 5 minutes to remove the tank and
    put on a new one.
  7. Minimize your environmental impact.  Propane does not spill or evaporate, which means you use every drop and
    don’t waste any resources.

You get all of these benefits with propane, while no other fuel source even comes close, but who should you choose to deliver it?

Keystone Propane Offers Personal Service and Custom Propane Solutions

…and you pay a simple, straightforward price per gallon whenever we deliver.  It really is that easy.

We don’t use any hidden gimmicks.  You tell us what you need, we give you a price per gallon, we make the delivery, and then you get your invoice.

That’s all there is to it.

And, if you have any other propane needs beyond those for your forklift fleet, we can help you.  You can meet in-person for a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable field representatives who can help you identify all of your propane needs.

Click here if you need a reliable propane service or a custom propane solution from Keystone Propane.